• Obviously I have been wronged.  There seems to be a wrong-headed view that I fall into the cranky old curmudgeon category.  Hence when a certain member of my family sequestered me into this blog (in a vain attempt to keep my literary pretensions isolated from the world at large), she titled it to make it appear that I am less than the friendly, outgoing, socially ept critter that I am.  First of all, take a look at this picture:

do you see a lawn?  Does it look like a bunch of little ba…, I mean kids would hang out on it if there was one?  No.  Of course not.

Then there is the bad attitude implied. But just think about the following:

  • Do I get upset when maniacs pass around blind corners on Highway 128?
  • Does it bother me when it takes an act of congress to get a raincheck out of anybody at Safeway?
  • Am I tempted to key the cars that insist on parking three deep on Lansing just north of the Mendosa’s parking lot, so you can’t hardly get out?
  • Am I irritated that the drivers on Highway 1 go only one of the following two speeds — 35 mph, or 75 mph in a 55 mph zone?
  • Do I object to the idea that people on the coast have to drive to Ukiah to do jury duty?
  • Am I offended by the people on Facebook who use offensive language and imagery?
  • Do I mind that anytime you want to do any business on the phone, such as call tech support, or customer “service”, you are guaranteed about 4 hours of confusion, misdirected and dropped calls, sheer ignorance and lets not forget that basic English comprehension and ability to communicate in said language is apparently not a prerequisite for employment.

Would I be vociferous about these injustices?  Do I bore my family with renditions of these happenings? Of course not.  So where this cranky-pants view of me comes from I just don’t know.

About lawnwatch

Self-appointed know-it-all and gadfly.
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