An Open Letter to Myself

Self:  stop looking forward to upcoming movies with breathless anticipation.  Don’t pay attention to amazing trailers.

You are just doomed to spiral down in despair.  Whether it is because you are bound to be disappointed because no movie can live up to your expectations, or you have hexed them, just don’t do it.  Talk to a friend.  Friends don’t let friends live in heart rending anticipation of what looks like it should be the most amazing movie of all time only to be let down once again.

Learn from your mistakes, think “Robin Hood” and “Alice in Wonderland” to name the most recent.  Talk about opportunities lost to actually make something great, but the result was awful.  Remember that some of your best movie experiences were of movies that you had never heard of and had no prejudgments going in:  “Oh, Brother Where art Thou”, “Fargo”, “Gosford Park”, “March or Die”, “Shipping News” and “Salton Sea”.

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Self-appointed know-it-all and gadfly.
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