An Open Letter to you Hollywood Moguls

Crappy movie makers (you know who you are), listen up.  You have certain responsibilities to your viewing audience. Firstly: hire decent writers.  Secondly: stay true to the world your movie inhabits/creates.  Thirdly: don’t forget the rule “suspension of disbelief.  Fourthly: concentrate on plot and character development not just blowing things up unless you are making your movie for 19 year old males.  Fifth: make movies for the shear joy of creating them, stop figuring out what to put in a movie so you can rake in the big bucks; take a chance.

Stay tuned for more posts in which I intend to elaborate.  This is just an opening salvo of a really irritated lover of movies.

And stay off of my lawn.

About lawnwatch

Self-appointed know-it-all and gadfly.
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