I Thought it Really Was All About Me

Before I was born, there were about a trillion years or so of stuff.  Also a whole lot of critters doing critter things and people living what they probably thought of as full lives.   Now everybody up to me didn’t have any awareness of my potential being, and so far a fairly limited number are currently aware of my sublime sublimeness. And, from what I hear, not all that many will continue to hold me near and dear in their thoughts in the unlikely event that I am called away from earthly existence.  And even fewer will feel that their own existence is now futile based on the lack of me.

So….. what the heck is the deal with that, anyway?

About lawnwatch

Self-appointed know-it-all and gadfly.
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1 Response to I Thought it Really Was All About Me

  1. jendocino says:

    Stupid operator. Cruel, cruel operator.

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