The Infamous Magazine Subscription Dilemma

Many years ago I made a chance remark to my brother and his friend, causing them to heap ridicule upon me.  This was not a unique circumstance, but I thought it was unwarranted in this case because I had pointed out a valid hole in the economic system.

Let’s say you buy a magazine at the newsstand.  You find you like it and start picking it up regularly.  Now you notice that if you get a subscription you will save beaucoup bucks per issue.  However, we need to take into consideration the MSOF (Magazine Subscription Overlap Factor).  You send in your subscription request; but you don’t know when the subscription will actually start, do ya?   So do you keep buying magazines until your first issue arrives, or do you wait?  If you keep buying them, you may end up purchasing one or more that will be arriving as part of your subscription.  So then where is your savings?  Or if you stop buying them, and if your subscription starts with a magazine one or more issues after the last one you bought, why then you will stand to miss out on that many issues that you really wanted.

See, life is way more complicated than they taught you in high school.  If they had explained all this back then, you might have opted to just run away

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